Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are your twins or multiples having the same character, personality and intelligence?

They may look alike but are their characters the same? are they equally introvert or extrovert? Do they have the same talents?

If they are schooling, do you put them in the same class or different?

Physiomom was advised by her twins's school principle once (before he retired) that twins should be placed in differnt classes to encourage their individual development. However, she decided not to separate them and pleaded that both her twin boys be put in the same class for easy time management of time table and after school activities schedules. Moreover, one twin is more a leader while the other is more of a follower. If they are separated, they may have separation anxiety and also stressful particulary for the twin who is more dependent on the other twin.

Do you have such encounter? Please share your thoughts.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Heriditary or Fertility?

Somewhere over the rainbow
someone is having twins or multiples....Congratulations!

Nowadays conceiving twins and multiples like triplets, quadriplets are so common among married couples. Some are due to strong or not so strong family genes and some are results of fertilty programme that they undergone.

As for physiomom, both her family on her side and husband's side has twins genes. Her maternal granny delivered twin girls while her hubby's grand aunties are twins. Most people say that twins tend to follow more of maternal side.

This ultrasound showing physiomom's pregnancy gestation at 8 weeks as a singletone before she was diagnosed as carrying twins from a 4 month gestation ultrasound later on.

Some couples have higher chances of conceiving twins or multiples due to fertility treatment.

Which ever it is, we would like to hear your story. Do share with us.

So what is your story?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wear the baby

While waiting for my 2nd hand twin stroller to arrive, I was thinking of the best way to bring the babies out (I really long to go shopping!). Putting little babies in the strollers might be too trouble as they might:
  • cry as it feels insecure sitting/ sleeping while being pushed around
  • I might need to look for nursing room when I wanna nurse them

Before this, I wasn't interested in using any sling. Not until I came across this very beautiful IKEA Barnsling ring sling by Baby Wombie!

Since my babies love to cry so much, the best solution of course is to wear the babies close to my heart. With a sling:

  • I can breastfeeding discreetly in a sling
  • I easily walk everywhere with my hands free
  • my baby can feel my heartbeat and warm of mummy
  • I get to cuddle and smell my sweet smelling baby up to 3 YEARS!
  • I do not have to invest a twin stroller (WHICH IS SO EXPENSIVE) at all
I even sling one twin (while my maid sling another) in the car since the babies refuse to sit in the car seat!

Interested to get one of this very unique design sling for your darling? Do grab the limited IKEA Barnsling ring sling by Baby Wombie.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Do you dress your twins or multiple the same if they are the same gender?

Some mothers love to dress their twins the same but some no.

Some of the possible reasons of dressing them the same could be the following:

1) They look more Twin or triplets etc (even if they are not identical)

2) Easier to shop for clothes with the same design

3) The twins or mutilpes look cuter that way

4) Easier to track them once they start to walk especially in shopping malls.

Some parents prefer to dress them different according to their colour preference to shape the twins' or multiples' individuality.

Do you agree with the above? How do you prefer to dress them alike or different?