Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photos of Twin Plus Gathering on 24Oct 2010

Finally the photos (courtesy of Sarah Wong)are ready to be posted here. Take a look at the pair of lovely and handsome twins at the gathering. Salute to the organiser and parents who attended this gathering and made it a success. On behalf of Twinplus (Chin Nee, Li Teng & Physiomom(Irene), we truly appreciate your time and effort & the guts to face the double headaches of handling your twins at such a BIG event. Not forgetting the media from Astro and magazine who were there to capture this moment. Enjoy the pics:

Cherry's Twins

Chee San's Twins

Arianne's Twins

Jennifer's Twins

Jazmine's Twins

Irene's twins

Kelly's Twins

Li Teng's Twins

Mee Yee's Twins

Michelle's Twins

Chin Nees' Twins

Vivian"s Twins

Callyn's Twins

Yvonne's Twins

Sylvia's Twins

Sharon's twins

Chen's Twins

Yen Lin's Twins

Huey Huey's Twins

Nicole Lam's Twins

Sara's twins

Group Photo

Arent they all sooo cute? Lucky parents and lucky twinnies!

May God Bless these whole bunch of nice people.

Take a look at the video done by Yvonne. It's very sweet & touching. Enjoy!@ :)

Signing off with love: iRene

Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Twin Plus Gathering

How Twin Plus Got Started
Twin Plus was initially just a blog, shared and managed by the three of us. After a name discussion with Li Teng and Phyisomom, we finally name our blog Twin Plus, so that our sharing benefits not only family with twin but also multiple babies. Hence, Twin Plus was officially launched on blogspot on the 28 August 2008.

On the 29th June 2009, almost a year after set set up our blog, we decided to move to Facebook so that more families with multiple can join us and share more easily with each other.

From only the three of us 2 years ago, today, community in Twin Plus Group on Facebook has expanded to 94 families. Isn't it fun for us to be able to meet up with other families, with multiple too?

Today, for the very first time, 26 families from Twin Plus group finally gather for a meet up at Kids Zone, Hartamas Shopping Mall. Families who attended were: Nicole Lam, Yen Lin, Mindy Ong, Sarah Wong, Callyn Tan, Chee San, Karen Wee,Mee Yee, Suzanne Looi, Kelly Kok, Irene Lien, Vivian, Li Teng, Jing,Chin Nee, Sharon Ng, Michelle Loo, Belle, Cherry Chee, Jazemine Lim,Huey Huey, Yvonne Lim, Sylvia Hoo, Angela Tan, Arianne and Angela Mariana Fuddin. Besides media like magazines Mombaby, Feminine & Astro U Report were also invited today for reporting and shooting.

A big thank you to Nicole, Mindy, Li Teng, Kelly and many many more for putting so much effort, making our 1st Gathering today, a BIG SUCCESS!

Can you imagine how the whole playzone was like with so many double faces running all about everywhere? Not sure about the pro-photographers there, I felt very dizzy while trying to capture some mirror-effect pictures. It was almost impossible as most twins were running and playing separated everywhere. Sorry ya...Irene, these are some of the best I can come up with.

Finally I managed to catch Mee Yee's 2 very obedient daughters who were sitting opposite me. Girls are girls, so sweet and nice...

And then Mindy's two very leng chai boys, who were sitting just next to us. How can I resist not pointing my camera at them?

And then I caught 2 very pretty twin girls, who were sitting next to my right. Arrghhh....I always think that twin girls are so much cuter than twin boys. Ok, take back my word, I shall not give my girls away, if I am ever blessed again with a pair of twin girls!

A family picture of us at the top of the kids playzone

My kids had so much fun today and they were extremely tired (my girl still not waking up from her deep, deep nap, from 5pm-9.45pm!)

I hope that there will be a gathering every year from now on, for Twin Plus. If you have missed this year, do make sure you remember to mark your calendar early and join us next year, ok!

Chin Nee

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twin Plus Gathering

Pic banner created by Mindy

Date :Sunday, October 24 2010
Time :10:00am - 1:00pm
Location :Kidz Zone (Hartamas Shopping Centre @ Plaza Damas)
Lot P18, No. 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Created By: Nicole Lam, Sarah Wong, Chai Yen Lin, Lt Chow

Thumbs up to the organising team who took up the challenge to make this happen.

I guess the attendance are more or less confirmed.
Magazine Medias like 《Mombaby》, 《Feminine》&《Astro U Report》 will be coming to this twinsplus party to make coverage .

Stay tune for more updates after the event.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My twins & their Australian Friend DX

Tday is 4th July.
The weather is so friendly and cool.

My 11 yrs old twins' friend DX is back frm Melbourne for his school break.

Took them to Clearwater Sanctuary BG for swimming, some fellowship & cthing up.

Yes both my twins are in the same class in the same school and share the same good friend, too. They have not met their classmates DX for past 6 months after DX migrated to Australia.

Here are the pics of the boys having a great time together again.

May their friendship lasts forever!