Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photos of Twin Plus Gathering on 24Oct 2010

Finally the photos (courtesy of Sarah Wong)are ready to be posted here. Take a look at the pair of lovely and handsome twins at the gathering. Salute to the organiser and parents who attended this gathering and made it a success. On behalf of Twinplus (Chin Nee, Li Teng & Physiomom(Irene), we truly appreciate your time and effort & the guts to face the double headaches of handling your twins at such a BIG event. Not forgetting the media from Astro and magazine who were there to capture this moment. Enjoy the pics:

Cherry's Twins

Chee San's Twins

Arianne's Twins

Jennifer's Twins

Jazmine's Twins

Irene's twins

Kelly's Twins

Li Teng's Twins

Mee Yee's Twins

Michelle's Twins

Chin Nees' Twins

Vivian"s Twins

Callyn's Twins

Yvonne's Twins

Sylvia's Twins

Sharon's twins

Chen's Twins

Yen Lin's Twins

Huey Huey's Twins

Nicole Lam's Twins

Sara's twins

Group Photo

Arent they all sooo cute? Lucky parents and lucky twinnies!

May God Bless these whole bunch of nice people.

Take a look at the video done by Yvonne. It's very sweet & touching. Enjoy!@ :)

Signing off with love: iRene


twins mama said...

irene, thanks for posting this.. u can recognise all of us? even myself also cant remember who is who! LOL~

麗之館 said...

clap clap to u ..

Physiomom said...

Hi all,
Actually credit goes to Sara's photos. I just updated them on the blog. The names can be seen on the kids' name tag mah. Sm were tagged in Sara;s photos. Haha

Mummy to QiQi said...

Thanks Irene for posting all the pics.

Physiomom said...

I hope to have the twins picture whom I have missed out..anyone has it?

Health Freak Mommy said...

Very nice pix and great organization! Tough job handling twins eh?

Alice Law said...

OMG... pairs of charming and lovely twins!^-^

prince n princess mum said...

So nice!!!

Helena said...

wow... what a great gathering...
will you all be organizing another event soon??
would love to join in too :)

twins mama said...

hi helena, we'll be having one end of this month :)