Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pregnancy at 24 weeks

Thanks for photographer Jazz, who suggested me to capture this special moment of my life.

Twin Pregnancy at 24 Weeks

Tummy with protruded belly button

Heavy tummy

Beauty of twin pregnancy? This is what it did to me

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Twins birthday celebration !

Do you find it easy to have twin birthday celebrations together at the same time compared to mothers with singletons?

How many cakes do you have for them. One to share or one each?

Physiomom was lucky the 1st time her twins had their birthday party, both cakes were sponsored! Later as a fair mommy , she always buy 2 cakes for each twin until they were 7 years old.

After 7 years old till now ..only one cake for sharing.

What about you? Share with us your twin birthday celebration. What about you mothers who have tripplets and more? Would be interesting to hear from you, too!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

De' BIG Bump

During my pregnancy journey, i hardly snap photo 'cos i found myself look fat & ungly. However, i'm so regret now for not taking my most beautiful moment of my life! This is the only 2 photos i got in my album. Wish i could have more...
me @ 28-30 weeks

~waiting for my twins arrival ~

Friday, August 29, 2008

Multiple Pregnancy Showcase

This is a place where we share your joy and your bump here proudly! And hey, please come and join us too. All you have to do is just to send in a photo of your proudest bump, how many weeks of your pregnancy to and we will publish it here for you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Zhen & Baby Then @ 7 weeks

Baby Zhen & Baby Then @ 7 weeks
Twin boys from

Sharing from twin Mummy, Physiomom

To me (physiomom), breastfeeding my twin boys since birth till they are 2 years old WITHOUT FORMULA is my biggest motherhood achievement for them. Not easy but not impossible either with strong determination and skill to put stress at bay.

It's a pity that during that time (9 years ago) I haven't got a digital camera yet. So I have to re-take these old photos using my camera phone thus the image is definitely not so sharp.

Here's my most memorable moment with them:
Using the American football position (Head to head, both legs out)

At times, i use my own "Half american Football" position where one of the twin's leg is facing inward instead of both twins head to head:

Sometimes when one is sleeping while another wants feed, I feed one at a time:

What is your most memorable breastfeeding moment and favourite position to latch them on? We would love to hear from you.


We know that it is almost impossible for most of us to afford everything double, unless we really need it or it is worth buying. Personally I feel it is always wiser to look for some 2nd hand products, especially we know that twin pregnancy does not happen more than one time in our life. If you are seeking for 2nd hand product, do let us know. Do not forget to check out on our “For Sale” section too.

For sale

If you have any thing that your child or children no longer needed (must also be in good condition), would you consider passing down or sell them as 2nd hand? Do write to us at


Bathing our little one is one of the most fun daily chores that we could look forward to each day. But with two, it can be quite challenging and even tiring for a mum. Just imagine we have to spend the whole morning just to prepare water, undress, bath, and dress our twins. Gosh, isn’t that tiring? demoment

Physiomom's experience:
Bathing my twins is also another sweet moment I look forward besides breast feeding. Having 2 to bathe is really handful but more fun for them to have each other's companion.

When they were small, I sometimes bathe both of them together with the help of my confinement lady.

At times I tackle them one at a time like this:

Twinsdiary's experience:
Frankly speaking, i never bath my twins during my confinement period. Being a first time mother with twins, i really lack of experience!! Normally i'll stand aside to watch the confinement lady to bath my girls one by one (& snap photos :p). Using the water with chinese herbal medicine & mild shampoo for 3 weeks, after that bath only with plain water & mild shampoo. Of course i forced to bath them after full moon. Gosh! i was really kelam-kabut but luckily my mum did help me a lot!

Once, we use the beer to bath twins and in a short while rashes all over their body. According to old folks, this is the way to release heat inside their body but i don't know how true of this statement is. Earlier, i came across an article from magazine stated that this act is not necessary as baby's skin is very gentle & sensitive, the alcohol might make things worse!

What is your SPLASHING moment with your twins? What do you use to bathe them? Soap, body shampoo, Brandy to volume up their hair, or just plain water?

Must Have?

With an additional baby, it can be additional expenses too. But is it really that necessary to get everything double? If you think do, what are the things that you think is necessary to get for your babies besides:
• Baby cot
• Double stroller
• Bouncinet
• High chair

As for physiomom, twin stroller was not a favourite as it is bulky, clumsy, expensive and not practicle to go into lift or on escalator.

Using a big single stroler worked just fine. Put one twin in front of another. "Partition them with pillow".

The useful and must have thing for physiomom is the bassinet (for use till about one year old). Can be used as a substitute for high chair during feeding, bouncinet and rocking chair. They are cheaper and save cost by being able do so many functions.
Also a great gadget to carry them around like a basket and put on restaurant chairs or supermarket trolley.

What is your personal MUST HAVE?


People say that same thing usually happens to both twin at the same time. Does you twin got ready to wean at the same time too? If they do not, do we start weaning one first before the other?

Sleeping arrangement

Unlike only singleton, having to put two babies to sleep at the same time is surely a very difficult task. I am sure most parents here have experience the same problem that is, when one of their twin cries, the other one wakes up too. If you have got better tips to put your twin to sleep, do write in and share your story here with us.

Breastfeeding Twin

I am sure most parents will agree with me, that the most challenging part of parenting twin is breastfeeding. Do share with us, your experience, challenges or success in breastfeeding your twin here at Twin Plus.