Sunday, August 31, 2008

Twins birthday celebration !

Do you find it easy to have twin birthday celebrations together at the same time compared to mothers with singletons?

How many cakes do you have for them. One to share or one each?

Physiomom was lucky the 1st time her twins had their birthday party, both cakes were sponsored! Later as a fair mommy , she always buy 2 cakes for each twin until they were 7 years old.

After 7 years old till now ..only one cake for sharing.

What about you? Share with us your twin birthday celebration. What about you mothers who have tripplets and more? Would be interesting to hear from you, too!


Mummy to QiQi said...

haha...same thought here. one or 2 cakes? so i got an answer oredi :p

liteng said...

i bought 2 cakes for my twins too!! then got another FOC from babysitter. so total 3 cakes for their 1st birthday! :p