Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sharing from twin Mummy, Physiomom

To me (physiomom), breastfeeding my twin boys since birth till they are 2 years old WITHOUT FORMULA is my biggest motherhood achievement for them. Not easy but not impossible either with strong determination and skill to put stress at bay.

It's a pity that during that time (9 years ago) I haven't got a digital camera yet. So I have to re-take these old photos using my camera phone thus the image is definitely not so sharp.

Here's my most memorable moment with them:
Using the American football position (Head to head, both legs out)

At times, i use my own "Half american Football" position where one of the twin's leg is facing inward instead of both twins head to head:

Sometimes when one is sleeping while another wants feed, I feed one at a time:

What is your most memorable breastfeeding moment and favourite position to latch them on? We would love to hear from you.


liteng said...

love the photos!! so touching when i scroll down... sad that i dun have any pic of bf :(

liteng said...

for me, it's truly amazing to bf twins sucessfully!! physiomom, u're no.1!!