Thursday, August 28, 2008

Must Have?

With an additional baby, it can be additional expenses too. But is it really that necessary to get everything double? If you think do, what are the things that you think is necessary to get for your babies besides:
• Baby cot
• Double stroller
• Bouncinet
• High chair

As for physiomom, twin stroller was not a favourite as it is bulky, clumsy, expensive and not practicle to go into lift or on escalator.

Using a big single stroler worked just fine. Put one twin in front of another. "Partition them with pillow".

The useful and must have thing for physiomom is the bassinet (for use till about one year old). Can be used as a substitute for high chair during feeding, bouncinet and rocking chair. They are cheaper and save cost by being able do so many functions.
Also a great gadget to carry them around like a basket and put on restaurant chairs or supermarket trolley.

What is your personal MUST HAVE?

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