Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pregnancy at 24 weeks

Thanks for photographer Jazz, who suggested me to capture this special moment of my life.

Twin Pregnancy at 24 Weeks

Tummy with protruded belly button

Heavy tummy

Beauty of twin pregnancy? This is what it did to me

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renet13 said...

Beautiful bumP demoment!

liteng said...

yup! very beautiful indeed!! i didn't take any of this as the stratch mark & rashes is killing me :(

Mummy to QiQi said...

surely must take show our babies how much we have suffered!!!!

SY said...

How about now? Any stratch mark on your stomach?

renet13 said...

Hi SY,
Physiomom here (
I'm a mom of 4 (twins and 2 gals) till now after my ligation I still do not have stretch marks neither my stomach or thighs but sagging skin got a bit lah. Not sure about Demoment Chin Nee and Liteng (my other twon partners sharing this TWINPLUS blog.

SY said...

Wow good d no stretch mark.In fact i do not have this problem also for my 1st pregnancy. But one of my friend she had very teruk stretch mark

liteng said...

hey, i got ungly stretch marks leh :(