Thursday, August 28, 2008


Bathing our little one is one of the most fun daily chores that we could look forward to each day. But with two, it can be quite challenging and even tiring for a mum. Just imagine we have to spend the whole morning just to prepare water, undress, bath, and dress our twins. Gosh, isn’t that tiring? demoment

Physiomom's experience:
Bathing my twins is also another sweet moment I look forward besides breast feeding. Having 2 to bathe is really handful but more fun for them to have each other's companion.

When they were small, I sometimes bathe both of them together with the help of my confinement lady.

At times I tackle them one at a time like this:

Twinsdiary's experience:
Frankly speaking, i never bath my twins during my confinement period. Being a first time mother with twins, i really lack of experience!! Normally i'll stand aside to watch the confinement lady to bath my girls one by one (& snap photos :p). Using the water with chinese herbal medicine & mild shampoo for 3 weeks, after that bath only with plain water & mild shampoo. Of course i forced to bath them after full moon. Gosh! i was really kelam-kabut but luckily my mum did help me a lot!

Once, we use the beer to bath twins and in a short while rashes all over their body. According to old folks, this is the way to release heat inside their body but i don't know how true of this statement is. Earlier, i came across an article from magazine stated that this act is not necessary as baby's skin is very gentle & sensitive, the alcohol might make things worse!

What is your SPLASHING moment with your twins? What do you use to bathe them? Soap, body shampoo, Brandy to volume up their hair, or just plain water?

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